If you have to go through a questioning using the polygraph, you should know the following:

  1. Testing is safely for life and health, organized with special rules of procedure of the questioning of person, in which polygraph (lie detector) is carried out by the registration and assessment of Psycho physiological person reactions in response to human interviewee placed him incentives (questions).
  2. Testing will be held only if you give writing agreement to participate in this procedure.
  3. If you are a candidate on position, testing will help you to confirm the accuracy of the information you provided and you lack unwanted for company inclinations or concealed facts biography.
  4. If you pass a polygraph validation, it will help to prove your loyalty to the company or to withdraw the unfounded suspicions against you in violation of the established rules of conduct in the workplace or of committing any of the acts which have resulted in damage to the interests of the company where you work.
  5. Before starting the tests you will acquaint with themes and issues that will be raised when the polygraph is enabled.
  6. During a test, you won’t answered questions relating to political, religious or racial attitudes, as well as information that constitutes a State or commercial secrets, or security services of Ukraine. Expert won’t ask questions concerning your privacy unless they are the main subject of questioning with the use of the polygraph.
  7. The obtained results are confidential and guidance in a legal sense, not to be disclosed and will be available only for customer of testing, responsible Manager of company or Head of the security service of company.

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More than 5000 respondents have been controlled by the Chief polygraph examiner-expert of our Agency. He works every day during 10 years, performs selection and staff control for big commercial companies and banking structures as well as on the personal orders of individuals, searching any level of hidden negativity.