We know very little and study poorly, so we should lie
F. Nietzsche

They steal everybody! With such a cry for help managers of large commercial structures come to expert-examiner: people becoming poor, professional selection and staffing work is not carried out, the security service could not smoothly run. Examiner comes to the rescue. What he can offer the Director/owner of the company?

  • Disclosure offences (definition of involvement)
  • Control of personnel (recurrent and in employment)
  • Official investigations (staff)

The reasons for the use of the polygraph in commercial structures:

  • High accuracy verification
  • The possibility of obtaining data, when another way to obtain them is impossible


1. Ability to quickly uncover the lies in order to establish innocence.
2. Verification procedure carries a certain psychological moment to make a confession.
3. Often people during polygraph testing tell about the crimes, in which customer was not suspected.
4. A polygraph examination let save time, money and effort, while enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the investigation.
5. Method of lie detection allows you to penetrate the very heart of the question: what is the involvement exactly of this person.
6. Method can be used in practically any kind of investigation.
7. Favourable attitude of the press and people to the wider use of polygraphs.
8. The growing recognition in judicial practice.
9. The wheels of Justice move very slowly, so this method is called to specify directions for window in which to conduct further investigation.
10. Testing is the fast and the best way to confirm sincerity and loyalty of the candidate, while the normal procedure verification is long, expensive and often inaccurate.
11. The prospect for an employee “ get on the polygraph ” significantly reduces the number of people willing to commit acts that cause material and moral harm to the employer.

Who is not subject to polygraph testing?

People with certain mental physical data is not suitable for checking on poligraph and the specialist itself decides whether to conduct testing. Polygraph operator should not attempt to conduct any testing and he should consider the following:

1. The physical conditions of the testing person.

  • A certain state of the cardiac system and respiratory malfunctioning are forbidden for testing. These violations can be recognized on the early stages of verification;
  • Excitable and nervous people can not be verified easily;
  • People accustomed to the use of medication, drugs, alcohol;
  • Persons in a state of intoxication, the sick, the wounded, ext.;
  • Suffering from acute physical or mental disability are not subject of the testing;
  • Diseases, such as colds, coughing fits, hay fever, asthma, hiccups, severe allergies-are all affect the suitability of the person to polygraph testing.

2. Mental state.

  • Mentally handicapped and mentally ill people cannot be subject to inspection;
  • People with extremely low intelligence are very great complexity as tested: they almost have no feelings of conscience due to the fear of being caught in a lie. Moreover, they even seems impossible to distinguish the lies from the truth, as well as understand the purpose and process for testing, meaning questions.

3. Other factors.

  • Some people can try to avoid or postpone the validation, simulating some psihiches or physical illness;
  • Somebody incorrectly treated during detention prior to the polygraph testing might not meet the requirements;
  • Emotionally depressed person is not subject to verification;
  • Person under the influence of calming drugs can’t be testing before the end of the medication;
  • If somebody strong afraid of testing procedures . As a rule, the correct treatment of such people and clear explanation can help overcome these problems.

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