Personnel security is a process, not a result

Lie detection Technique in twenty-first century is based on a broad scientific basis, based on physiology and psychology of the person in extreme conditions. In the modern world, the polygraph has become a massive tool in combating criminal phenomena of society. In more than 60 countries around the world, it is one of the main tools of obtaining information from citizens, which for one reason or another does not wish to speak the truth about the true circumstances of different life situations.

New direction develops successfully – use of the polygraph in solving of staff problems and protection of corporate information . All categories of employers became increasingly rely on information obtained while conducting polygraph checks than questioning. Indeed, challengers very often write wrong in questionnaires! They lie own employers!

Gradually single personnel verify moved into the category of mass in a number of civilized countries, authorities, banks and commercial structures. Each HR wishes to do the polygraph screening of his staff.

Two reasons affect the popularity of the personnel checks using the lie detector:

1. high reliability of the results;
2. the ability to obtain and verify biographic and other data concealing by person when get or check by other ways almost impossible.

When hiring, there is always a need to clarify the the whole complex of issues related to the past and present of the likely employee. They can be summarized in six areas:

1. Figuring the hidden motives of joining.
2. Criminal past and present facts.
3. Propensity for consumption of alcohol and drugs.
4. Attachment to gambling.
5. Mental health.
6. Inclination to theft and fraud.

Ignorance of these problems can cause significant material damage to the company caused by it dishonest employees. The need for active using the polygraph for decision of these complex tasks due to the fact that obtaining this information other ways is the process more expensive and almost always biased.

Every self-respecting leader, Chief of security or HR-director are required the possibilities of the modern instrumental detection of deception. The main features are the following:

Polygraph screening

Conducting psycho-physiological testing of candidates for the post.

Prevention a polygraph examination

Periodical surveys and testings of existing staff to identify concealed violations committed during the past period of time.

Checking the personnel before discharge

Testing staff before discharge to identify violations, committed during the work in the company. Allows you to avoid losses and prevent stealing of commercial information, documents and databases.

Official investigations in the commercial structure commissioned by the management or security service

Basic points for polygraph examinations

1. Verification of the truthfulness of the data specified in the application form (summary).
2. Verification of the truthfulness of the documents
3. Valid reasons for leaving previous employment:

  • lack of professionalism
  • neglect of official duties
  • conflict
  • theft
  • looting
  • bribery
  • corruption actions
  • use of official position and time for personal purposes
  • disclosure of sensitive, confidential or proprietary information

4. Valid reasons for joining
5. Drug addiction
6. Alcohol dependence
7. Hidden health problems (mental) that interfere with the performance of official duties
8. Availability of debt and other financial obligations
9. Gambling
10. Implementation of offences, including concealed by officials
11. The propensity to use blackmail
12. The presence of relatives, acquaintances at this firm or at a competing firm
13. Parallel business
14. Hidden contacts with competing organizations, crime, etc.
15. Possession of unregistered weapons and hazardous substances
16. Identification on this site the following facts:

  • theft
  • corruption actions
  • looting of materiel
  • information theft
  • bribery
  • neglect of official duties
  • gross violations of labor regulations
  • conflict
  • use of official position, materiel, equipment and time for personal gain
  • disclosure of confidential and commercial information

17. The spread of gossip and other intentional loss of reputation
18. Establishment of involvement in concealing the facts causing material damages
19. Intentions (planning) loss companies.


Polygraph testing gives reliable information about concealed facts in biographies of staff members wich for objective and subjective reasons may not be sincerely and truthfully set out in the personal data and is therefore hidden.

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