Agency of lie detection and personnel security «Justice» provides services to individuals and businesses — selection of personnel according to specific employer (individual) criteria of acceptable standards of behavior at work or at home. We also conduct consultations and investigations with a view to identifying authentic (guaranteed) involvement of persons, in which customer is interested, to certain and disguised facts or to fulfill certain these individuals hidden action in the past. The extended consultations are also included in the list of services, for example, what person with some education and personal characteristics needs for an employer to perform any other tasks or who can be reliably verify their integrity at work on past or present positions and how to monitor their honesty and loyalty to employer.

The following services will be provided with the help of modern instrument — lie detector (polygraph):

  • Personnel selection recruitment, establishing the reliability of potential worker (screening).
  • Personnel control, which impacts on business and security of staff, to identify employee strengths and weaknesses (screening).
  • Determination of involvement of separate employee into crime or offence in different situations (internal investigation).
  • Consulting security services and management, HR departments and independent recruitment agencies on the effectiveness and appropriateness of using polygraph methods to establish reliability of individuals (legal persons).
  • Lie detection services to individuals in order to establish the presence of any concealed the facts or life situations which is interested the customer of testing (private investigation).
  • Information and consulting services for private individuals to provide specifications and capabilities by using the methods of polygraph testing, its validity and effectiveness, using of results (consultation for individuals).

Thus, clients of our Agency of lie detection and personnel security «Justice» are private individuals and businesses-everyone cares material and information security and the security of private enterprise and who works on the improvement of work with personnel.

The cost of services depends on the number of persons who tested for loyalty to the company or association to certain negative action, the timing of surveys, as well as specific information, such as the field of activity of the company or the amount of the stolen funds, which will check the frames. In each case, a contract is drawn up on all volume of works with determination of price and form of payment.

Prices for 1 person testing:

Skilled verification with using of polygraph

From 60 USD

Official investigation with using of polygraph

From 65 USD (depending on the amount of damage)

Consultation of legal person


Private investigation with polygraph

From 70 USD (depending on the amount of damage)

Consultation of private person


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